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Hey! welcome to BBX today’s post is the collection of the free tool that can be very useful for hackers and some is for normal person also. Pentesters and ethical hackers often rely on a variety of online resources to aid in their endeavors, from finding exploits and vulnerabilities to enhancing their knowledge and skills. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of valuable websites that can prove to be invaluable tools for anyone involved in the world of cybersecurity.

## Exploits Database 🔕

1. [Exploit-DB]( A comprehensive database of exploits and vulnerabilities.
2. [Intelligent Exploit]( Provides a wide range of exploits and security-related resources.
3. [Shodan]( A search engine for discovering Internet-connected devices.
4. [Packet Storm Security]( Offers a vast collection of exploits, tools, and advisories.

## Vulnerabilities Database 🏹

1. [CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)]( A well-known database of security vulnerabilities.
2. [CVE Details]( Provides detailed information about vulnerabilities.
3. [NVD (National Vulnerability Database)]( A U.S. government repository of standards-based vulnerability management data.
4. [OSVDB (Open Sourced Vulnerability Database)]( A comprehensive open-source database of vulnerabilities.
5. [CERT Vulnerability Notes Database]( Provides information about software vulnerabilities.
6. [Secunia]( Offers advisories and vulnerability intelligence.
7. [SecurityFocus BID]( A comprehensive vulnerability database.
8. [ Vulnerabilities]( A collection of security vulnerabilities.
9. [ThreadFix]( An open-source software vulnerability aggregation and management tool.
10. [Vulnerability Lab]( A platform for security researchers and enthusiasts.
11. [SecDocs]( A repository of security-related documents and papers.

## Hacking Tutorials 💻

1. [Offensive Security]( The organization behind Kali Linux offers various training and resources.
2. [Kali Tutorials]( Tutorials specifically for Kali Linux users.
3. [DEFCON Conference YouTube Channel]( A collection of DEFCON conference talks and presentations.
4. [Hak5 YouTube Channel]( Features cybersecurity and hacking-related content.
5. [SANS Institute YouTube Channel]( Offers various training videos and presentations.
6. [Metasploit Video Tutorials]( Wikibooks resource for Metasploit video tutorials.
7. [Hacking Tutorial]( A collection of tutorials on various hacking topics.
8. [Break The Security]( Provides tutorials, articles, and tools related to cybersecurity.
9. [SecurityTube]( A community-driven YouTube channel for security enthusiasts.
10. [EHacking]( Offers articles, tutorials, and resources related to hacking and security.
11. [FullScopeSecurity Vimeo Channel]( Security and hacking-related videos.
12. [SpaceRogue’s Blog]( A blog with hacking-related articles and resources.

## Virus Scan 👁‍🗨

1. [VirusTotal]( A popular online virus and malware scanner.
2. [Anubis]( A platform for analyzing and understanding the behavior of Windows malware.
3. [Jotti’s Virus Scan]( A service for scanning files with multiple antivirus engines.
4. NotDistribute: [](
5. [FuckingScan.Me]( A tool for scanning files with multiple antivirus engines.
6. [AnonScanner]( A free online tool for scanning files for malware.
7. [NoDistribute]( A service to check if a file is flagged by antivirus programs.
8. [File2Scan]( An online file scanning service.

## Tools Download 🛠

1. [Kali Linux Tools Listing]( Official tools listing for Kali Linux.
2. []( The home of Nmap and other essential security tools.
3. [HackersOnlineClub]( Offers a collection of hacking tools.
4. [Concise Courses Hacking Tools]( A curated list of hacking tools.
5. [Darknet Hacking Tools]( A blog featuring hacking tools and resources.
6. [KitPloit]( A popular resource for tools, exploits, and more.
7. [ToolsWatch]( Provides information on security tools and resources.
8. [BlackArch Linux Tools]( Tools repository for BlackArch Linux.
9. []( Offers various online reconnaissance tools.
10. [Hacking Tools Repository]( A collection of hacking tools.
11. [ Utilities]( Utilities for ROM hacking and more.

## Network Online Tools 🌐

1. [YouGetSignal]( Provides a suite of network-related tools.
2. []( Offers DNS-related tools and information.
3. [NirSoft Country IP Database]( A database of IP addresses by country.
4. [TCP/IP Utilities]( Tools for analyzing and troubleshooting network issues.
5. [Coffer MAC Find]( A tool to look up MAC addresses.
6. [BGP.HE.NET]( A BGP routing table lookup service.
7. [ Services]( Lists common ports and services.
8. [CE3C IP Range Generator]( Generates IP address ranges for CIDR notation.

## IP Lookup 🔍

1. [IP-API]( Offers information about IP addresses.
2. [My IP Neighbors]( Finds neighboring IP addresses.
3. [WhatIsMyIP]( Provides your public IP address.
4. [IP2Location Demo]( Demonstrates IP location lookup.
5. []( Provides geolocation information based on IP.
6. [WhatsTheirIP]( Helps you find the IP address of a website.
7. []( Offers IP address and location information.
8. [IP-Address-to-Location]( Locates an IP address on a map.

## Encrypt / Decrypt ✈️

1. []( Encrypts and decrypts text using various algorithms.
2. [Tools4Noobs Encrypt/Decrypt]( Simple online tool for encryption and decryption.
3. [CodeBeautify Encryption/Decryption]( Offers encryption and decryption tools.
4. [TextMechanic Encryption Generator]( Generates encrypted text.
5. [YellowPipe Encrypter]( An online text encryption tool.

## Online Hash Crackers 💥

1. [HashKiller]( A community-driven online hash cracking service.
2. []( A free online MD5 hash cracking tool.
3. [CMD5]( A fast and efficient online MD5 hash cracker.
4. []( Offers online MD5 hash cracking.
5. []( Provides MD5 hash cracking services.
6. []( A popular MD5 hash decryption tool.
7. []( An MD5 hash cracker with rainbow tables support.
8. [MD5This]( Offers various hash decryption services.
9. [ MD5 Crack]( A free online MD5 hash cracker.
10. []( An online password cracking service.
11. [InsidePro Hash Database (HDB)]( A hash cracking service with a vast database.
12. [CrackStation]( Offers password cracking services.
13. [CloudCracker]( A cloud-based password cracking service.
14. [SANS Institute ReverseHash]( A tool for reversing hashed passwords.
15. []( [$]: An online hash cracking service.
16. []( [$]: Provides password cracking services.

## File Upload 🕓

1. [Mega]( A secure cloud storage and file sharing platform.
2. [MediaFire]( Offers file hosting and sharing services.
3. [InfoTomb]( A privacy-focused file hosting service.
4. [ShareSend]( An easy-to-use file sharing service.
5. [WSS Coding]( Provides file uploading and sharing.
6. [Zippyshare]( A popular file hosting and sharing platform.
7. [FileToLink]( Converts files into shareable links.
8. []( Offers real-time file sharing and collaboration.
9. [LargeDocument]( Share large documents easily.
10. [RGhost]( A simple file sharing and hosting service.
11. [Dox ABV BG]( A file sharing service.
12. []( Secure file uploading and sharing.

## Anonymous Test 👺

1. [IPLeak]( Tests your VPN or proxy for IP and DNS leaks.
2. [DNSLeakTest]( Checks for DNS leaks.
3. [WebRTC IP Leak Test]( Tests for WebRTC IP leaks.

## TorCheck ✅

1. **Xenobite:** [http://5deqglhxcoy3gbx6.onion](http://5deqglhxcoy3gbx6.onion)
2. **TMKloc:** [http://tmkloc6vhxos3nde.onion](http://tmkloc6vhxos3nde.onion)

## SMS 🏴‍☠️

1. [Receive SMS Now](
2. [Receive SMS Online](
3. [Receive SMS Online](

## Fake Identity 🔡

1. [FakeNameGenerator](
2. [Fake Name Generator](
3. [iGOPayGo Fake Name](

Just go and visit the tools you can find some knowledge just by surfing and .These websites offer a wide range of resources for pentesters, ethical hackers, and anyone interested in cybersecurity. Whether you’re looking for vulnerabilities, testing your anonymity, or exploring hacking tutorials, these websites have you covered. Remember to use these resources responsibly and ethically, adhering to all legal guidelines in your area. Happy hacking and learning!




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